And Job induction

UAE CAREER And JOB Induction And Training

There are lots of high paying jobs in the oil and gas rich UAE countries, most of these jobs are open to any Nationality, including Nigeria.

 Most  job in the UAE countries like Soudi Arabia, Iran, Dubai, Oman,  Abu dhabi, Kish comes with  6 (six) figure in dollars payment.

This is a secret, and most Nigerians who know this secret keep their eyes on UAE career, they update themselves to fit in jobs in the UAE and many of this guys are making it big, some have move families to Dubai or other countries.

 The beautiful thing about jobs in the UAE is that most of them are on merit and are not a rocket science to get, do you know many of these jobs are open and you can get employed right here in Nigeria without spending a fortune, in fact your employer pays your, travel, accomodation and feeding expenses.

If you register we give you all the information you need to make the most of UAE CAREER .

What you will learn

Your dream job is in UAE,
Take this opportunity and start your career today!

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Note that if you register for this workshop and you don't get value, We will refund your money.

Work and enjoy the beautiful city.

In UAE accommodation, feeding, transportation to and fro are always all provided by your company, all you need to do is fly from Nigeria and enjoy the world.

I have always want to work and enjoy the world, After much research I discovered that all is in Dubai.

After the Workshop my life changed

I recommend this workshop for everyone who which to work and live UAE, apart from the Knowledge you will get, there also opportunities to get essential discounted training and certificates. 

Almost 11 years of no job after graduation, I thought its the end for me, i attended the CJUAE conference and landed a job that same week.

Why you should signup for this UAE Career and Job workshop!

“Opportunity to get life changing training and certification at almost 50% prize .”
“you will learn everything you need to know to learn a good job in no time, from Nigeria.”
“You will learn how to build your CV and profile to match UAE standard.”
Helen B.
“You will get direct link to recruiters and direct job agents that will facilitate your next job .”
“You will learn all you need to know to survive and enjoy your stay in the UAE.”
“You will learn how to filter jobs and pick the best that fits your desirer and career ”

See How Beautiful Working And Living Can Be

Limited Seats Available

Limited Seats Available