JAPA SURE LINKS is a free workshop were we will show participants the easiest sure ways anyone can relocate to countries of their choice with very little or no resources.

  • Through this workshop, We will show you how you can get a high-paying job in countries like Canada, UK, and Netherlands.
  • We will show you how you can get fully paid scholarship in Canada, UK and US universities
  • We show you links to get visiting invitations to countries of your choice
  • we will give you embassy tips
  • IELTS one shot passing materials
  • And many other information that will aid you relocate to the country of your choice in no time.

Who should attend Japa sure link event?

  • Everyone who wants to relocate legally to high profile countries
  • Everyone who wishes to study abroad and doesn’t have the expensive tuition
  • Everyone who wishes to relocate his or her family abroad with a job
  • Everyone who wants to start a new life abroad

How to register:

  1. Whatsapp your name to 07036248614
  2. An invitation code will be sent to you.
Cenima hall, 
Peperoni, Remuodara junction 
East West Road 
Port Harcourt


20th August 2022