Work And Live In Canada, UK And Any Golf Country From Nigeria, Career Guide.

Get International Accepted Certification, Boost Your Career, Land That Job And Relocate.

Let's Get You A School And Help You Study Abroad From Nigeria.

Do you wish to study abroad from Nigeria? Are you searching for a good school in Canada, UK, US or any European countries? We have the solution at Certfee, with our rich experience we will assist you  get admission from the best schools in your desire country and city.

Work And Resident Relocation Package For Canada, UK, USA, China And UAE Countries Services Available.

Do you wish to relocate with a work permit visa to Canada, UK , the US, China or even in any golf country? At Certfee we specialize in assisting people relocate to any of these countries seamlessly.

Use our services and move with your family with job to Canada, there are lots of other benefits you will get with our services.

Use Any Of Our Relocation Or Consultation Services To Relocate You And Your Family In No Time.

If you are in Nigeria and you are looking to relocate you or your family to Canada, UK, or any of the European countries, Certfee got you covered, we have multiple entries that can suit your needs so you can relocate with easy, talk to our principal consultant today, or navigate to any of the routes below.

If what you want is globally accepted certificate level courses, Certfee  certificate level courses are globally accredited and  accepted worldwide. 

International Career Guide Services

We will guide you to find a job that fits your current career status In Dubai, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Austra and other countries, use our international career guide services.

Recruitment (Find A Job For Me) Services

We provide skilled manpower  to companies in Dubai, Canada, Austra, Soudi Arabia and others, we can help you recruit professionals.


Materials To Pass IELTS On One Seating

We guide and assist our clients pass international exams like IELTS, and others, connect with us to request international exams guide.

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