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Main Purpose:

The job of a driver is to give transportation service to the passenger. The job includes securing the safety of the passenger during the time of travel; you are to bring your passengers to their destination accurately and timely; you are to ensure and maintain the condition of vehicle you are using. Driver takes ownership for vehicle maintenance and upkeep, including maintaining cleanliness of interior and exterior, taking the vehicle to a mechanic for repairs and regular checks (or performing those duties as part of your position). You will also be expected to run errands and collect or deliver documents around Dubai as instructed by the facilities and admin department.
Driver maintains detailed records of times, locations, fuel purchases, maintenance/ repair costs, licensing requirements, and so on.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:
  • Basic command of English with good oral communication skills.
  • Possess an outstanding passenger care service.
  • Familiar with the traffic law, signs on the streets and follow them. Drivers should know the different, common and safe places of short cuts, one-way streets, and so.
  • Outstanding driving skills and a good driving record.
  • Good to excellent mechanical skills in the area of automobile maintenance and repair.
  • Able to understand and follow written instructions and good memory for details.
  • Advanced understanding of driving rules and motor vehicle regulations.
    Minimum Qualifications
  • Possession of regular driver’s license and a good driving record.
  • Expected to work from Monday to Saturday, with requirement to keep your cell phone adequately charged and switched on at all times.
  • You are encouraged to assist passengers with heavy luggage, so you must be physically fit.
  • We require a certain level of discipline which includes the work attire. You will be required to wear a business suit and a tie at work and ensure that you look neat and well-groomed at all times.
Key Relationships and Department Overview:
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