Professional Certification For Experience Hands

Certfee is issuing internationally recognized certificates to skilled experienced hands.

This opportunity is open to anyone who has put numbers of years gaining hands-on experience in various fields but doesn’t have a professional world-recognized certificate to show. 

Request For Certificate If Experience In Any Of This Category

Technical Professionals

> Diesel Technician
> Auto Body Technician
> Equipment Operator
> Elevator Technician
> Crane Operator
> Power Plant Operator
> Boiler Technician
> Forklift Operator
> Mining Equipment Mechanic
> Railroad Maintenance Technician
> HVACR Technician
> And Others

Electrical Professionals

> Electrical Inspector
> Power Systems
> Electrical Design Technician
> Renewable Energy
> Telecommunications Tech
> Security Systems Technician
> Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
> Control Systems Technician
> Building Automation 
> Solar Panel Installer
> Substation Technician
> Instrumentation and Control 
> Energy Efficiency Specialist

Tech Professionals

> IT Support Specialist
> Network Administrator
> Computer Hardware Engineer
> Data Center Technician
> Telecommunications Technician
> Computer Systems Analyst
> Audio-Visual Technician
> Computer Programmer
> Information Security Analyst
> CCTV Technician
> Renewable Energy Engineer

Construction Professionals

> Structural Technician
> Construction Technician
> Materials Engineer
> Construction Surveyor
> Urban Planner
> Construction Safety Manager
> Construction Inspector
> Materials Research
> Storekeeping
> Warehouse Manager


Step 1:  Request For Certification

Step 2: We receive your request and contact you for more details

Step 3: Make Payments For Your Certificate 

Step 4: Receive an Internationally accepted Certificate At Your Door Step.

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5. Transcript of Achievements: Your certificate from Certfee comes with a detailed transcript that showcases the specific skills and topics you’ve mastered during the course of your program. This provides a comprehensive overview of your accomplishments to potential employers or further education institutions.