Studying abroad from Nigeria is not as complicated as many thought it is though quite technical, in all you just need an expert to guide you. 

At Certfee we simplify things, you relax while we get everything ready for you.

We save you the stress of:

  1. Picking the best country to study
  2. Picking the best school
  3. Picking the best course that guarantees a job after studies.
  4. Start and finish your application process

What programs can we assist you to get admission:

  • University preparatory program
  • College university transfer program (includes associate degree)
  • Collaborative degree program (combined college and university postsecondary program but not University transfer)
  • Applied degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • First professional degree
  • Master’s qualifying year
  • Master’s degree
  • University graduate-level certificate or diploma

Countries We Can assist students get admission in:

Canada schools

UK schools 

US schools

Schools in the Netherland

And schools in Europe