International career guide services

Through our international career guide services, we provide useful career guide to everyone who aim to work internationally, we have rich experience preparing candidate to be suitable for UAE job market, Canada job market, Austra job market, US job market amongst others. These services are either delivered physically in our offices or online.

Find a career for you:

If you are like many of our clients that are not completely sure of what career to pursue, then you should work with us to find you a career that can benefit you more in your dream country.

Build your career:

Once you have chosen the right career, certfee will assist you with the necessary training and certification that will build your career from starter level to advance level.

Perfect your career into international accepted level:

You must be at a level to be relevant to the international job market, cerfee connect will build you to international job market ready level.

Training and certification

Professional Coaching

We coach you through everything you need to know including necessary skills that enables you to be eligible to pass any job interview and work anywhere in the world including in Canada and UAE companies.

One-on-one Counseling

if you are already a professional, our one on one counseling and pre assessment section will help prepare you to identify opportunities and pass any job interview any where in the world. During our one on one counseling section you have the opportunity to ask any question regarding any professional issues and counseling will be able to provide you solutions.


There are necessary documentations you will be needing to successfully work in developed countries, through our documentation services we will ensure we guide you through getting the right documentation more so we will also assist you when needed.


Internship jobs are best ways to start building careers, we help our clients to find internship jobs, in any country of their choice, our internship referrer service has helped many career starters begin their career and eventually progress from there.