Following up on applications

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Following up on job applications demonstrates your continued interest in the position and can help you stand out from other candidates. Here are some guidelines for effective follow-up:

  • Timing: Follow up within a reasonable time frame, typically one to two weeks after submitting your application or after the interview. Consider the employer’s specified timeline or any instructions they may have provided.
  • Medium of communication: Choose the appropriate medium for your follow-up, such as email or phone. Email is generally preferred, as it provides a written record and allows the employer to respond at their convenience.
  • Professional tone: Keep your follow-up message concise, polite, and professional. Express your continued interest in the position and inquire about the status of your application or the next steps in the hiring process.
    • Personalization: Reference specific details from your application or interview to remind the employer of your qualifications and how you can contribute to the organization.
    • Thank you note: After an interview, it is customary to send a thank you note to the interviewer(s) expressing appreciation for their time and reiterating your interest in the position.