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Is Moving To Canada Worth It?

Canada is a North American country which is made up of ten provinces and three territories, which could be grouped further to Western Canada, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada and Northern Canada. The bi-lingual country (English & French) has a total population which is approximated to be 39,424,000 people. The country occupies a total area of 3.85 million square miles making it the second largest after Russia in term of total area. This North American country has become one of the most sort after destinations for immigrants today. Many say that the reason for the influx of people to Canada is because of the favorable conditions there. Others argue that the mass movement to Canada is not actually as a result of the good or favorable conditions out there but a mere band wagon. So this has prompted the question: Is moving to Canada really worth it?


It is proven that Canada has a highly developed and flourishing economy. In recent clasification2022, the Canadian economy is rated as the 8th best economy in the world. With a nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) approximated at US $2.221 Trillion. The Toronto Stock Exchange is rated as the 9th largest in the world by market capitalization, having about 1,500 companies in its listing with a combined capitalization of over US$2 Trillion. Furthermore, the Canadian economy in 2021 traded in goods and services reached US$2.016 Trillion. In addition, the Canadian economy has grown steadily in manufacturing and service sector also. The above shows that Canada has a lot of opportunities for immigrants in terms of employments and career growth.


Again Canada is widely rated as the most welcoming country to immigrants world over. This is a conclusion reached by several pools conducted by different groups and organizations at different times. Canada has a relatively fair immigration policies which accounts for the high rate i=of migration to the country. The country is not known for racism and discrimination. There is the provision of equal opportunities for placements in jobs education etc. Due to the friendliness and hospitality immigrants get from the citizen, adapting to life in Canada and settling down is always easy for the immigrants.


Given the current economic realities in Nigeria and the third world countries at large, moving to Canada is a good decision. As you plan your relocation, it is important you involve or use the services of a renowned and trusted agency like certfee for all the professional advice and assistance you need for a smooth relocation to Canada.




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